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835PC-LFBest Quality Reflow Soldering Oven SMT S Soldering

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Model  835PC-LF

Heating zone 8 Top & Bottom Convection Zone

Heating Tunnel length3000MM

Heating MethodSmall cycles full of hot air

Cooling Zone2

PCB Maximum Width350MM

Conveyor directionL→R/ R→L

Height of conveyor880±20mm

Transport methodMesh belt transmission + chain (optional)

Conveyor speed0-1500mm/min

Power supply5-wire 3-phase 380V 50/60Hz

Starting power20kw

The normal work of power5KW

Heating up timeAbout 15 minutes

Temperature control rangeAt room temperature to 350 ℃

Temperature Control MethodComputer control

Distinguish precision temperature control±1℃

Abnormity warningTemperature anomaly

Exterior size (length * width * height)4200×700×1300


The Main Parts


1Control ComputerIndustrial brand computerTaiwan/China

2MonitorLiquid crystalTaiwan/China

3Motor transportSTKTaiwan

4Fan motorMitsukoshiTaiwan

5The heating componentTaizhanTaiwan

6Mesh belt transmission 

(316 stainless steel)ImportedJapan

7Master switchChintChina

8Contactor and current limiterSchneiderFrance

9Intermediate relayOmronGermany

10Program controllerPanasonicJapan

11Temperature probeJapan's electricJapan

12Solid State Relay (SSR)FOTEKTaiwan



1. The   heating system using OLS patent heating technology.

2. The machine adopts Japanese ANV   high current solid state relay non-contact output, safe, reliable, and equipped   with special SSR radiator, cooling efficiency is greatly improved,   effectively extending its life.

3. Heating components imported   high-quality components to ensure high stability and reliability of the   system, so that the machine can ensure a long service life.

4. Heating zone modular designed, easy   maintenance disassembly.

5. Special function: Temperature   difference, fault diagnosis, sound and light alarm.

6. Independent small air circulation design, upper and   lower heating, thermal compensation, high thermal efficiency, energy saving,   warming fast, suitable for BGA and CSP components such as high-quality   products welding. A forced hot air circulation system, make PCB components   and uniform heating, high efficiency, fast heating speed.

7. Duct design with advanced fan   system, imported fan system is equipped with three layer wind device, fan   uniform, high heat exchange efficiency.

8. Preheating zone, weld zone and a cooling zone under   the independent heating cycle, independent, independent temperature control,   temperature difference between adjacent MAX is up to 100 , not on   each temperature zone temperature, temperature and wind speed can be adjusted   independently.

9. Imported Direct drive motor   temperature hot air circulation, good balance of hot air, smooth operation,   long life, low noise.

10. PC control, can cut off the computer, independent   control, man-machine dialogue convenient, clear interface, visual image, you   can switch at any time in English, the value of the input parameter settings   to achieve accurate and fast.

11. The power matching appropriate   temperature, rapid temperature rising, from room temperature to set the   temperature for about 15 minutes. And with the thermal compensation   performance of fast and efficient.

12. Modular design, compact structure, convenient   maintenance.

13. Independent cooling zone ,to ensure that the required temperature when the PCB board out.

14. The transmission system adopts   Japan Panasonic motor, temperature meter full closed loop, with 1:150   imported turbine reducer, smooth operation, speed adjustable range   0-1500mm/min.

15. With independent wheel structure   and the care level, combined with stainless steel mesh belt, smooth   operation, suitable for BGA \ CSP welding.

16. Special stainless steel B type mesh belt, durable   wear. Long time is not easy to deform.

17. The optional guide rail + mesh   belt optional mode of transport according to the need.

18. Part of electronic control   components are using high quality imported components which to ensure   long-term continuous and reliable equipment operation, high temperature   components for three years free warranty.


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